Bois de Vincennes with Eric

On Wednesday we were back at Bois de Vincennes, this time with Eric the bass from the Air France choir. Apart from his involvement with Air France, Eric is also an actor, animator, opera singer and model, singing every day these days. He sang some for us too. While waiting excitedly for the films from the lab, we’ll jump on a train to Dijon. Bois de Vincennes with Eric

Lab time

All Eyes as Big as Plates images are shot on medium format film with a dear old Mamiya camera and every time we go to the photolab to pick up the negatives, our hearts beat just a little bit faster. Our first encounter with Bob after our shoot in Queens happened in a photo lab in Manhattan, peeking through a magnifier at this magical light-sensitive emulsion on a plastic base. Lab time

Final Gigapan moment

Just before our hot hut got dismantled, the photographs came down from the wall, Bob’s pine needles, Marty’s phragmites and Woody’s wood got packed up and Eyes as Big as Plates left the building, the Gigapan promptly documented our home for the last two and a half months. Welcome to the next residents! Final Gigapan moment