Howard Anthony Nicholas Sebastien Woden Brundage a.k.a Woody

Returning to the thoughts of logs and bark from our previous trial session with Audrey in Central Park, Woody gets fitted for his headdress.


  1. Leena Ikonen


    • karolinehjorth

      Leena! Jeeeeeeeee! I am gonna ask Riitta what this means- it sounds magical already 😀

      Hugs from Oslo!

  2. Kellie Christopher

    how did you attach the wood to the wire headress…just curious…and love your work….seniors are beautiful and are one of my favorite subjects to be inspired by.

    • karolinehjorth

      Woody’s headpiece is a little Mc Gyver-ish construction on site, you take what you find of nature, stick it together with a dash of gravity, a bit of wire or whatever you find in handy for holding things together, and voila. Thank you for your lovely feedback!


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