Die Zweite Haut at Museum Schloss Moyland opens this week

The traveling group exhibition Die Zweite Haut / The Second Skin opens at the Museum Schloss Moyland in Bedburg-Hau, Germany this Sunday the 4th of February. The show made its debut at the Museum Sinclair-Haus in 2016.

Twenty different artistic approaches in the media of photography, sculpture and installation explore the phenomenon of the “second skin” as a means of insulation against nature or as a way of bringing oneself closer to it. Eyes as Big as Plates is pleased to join Adidal Abou-Chamat, Su Blackwell, Dietmar Busse, Charlotte Cory, Alba D´Urbano, Nathalia Edenmont, Esther Glück, Wilma Hurskainen, Kahn & Selesnick, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Juul Kraijer, Riitta Päiväläinen, Anni Rapinoja, Ulla Reiss, Deborah Sengl, Jana Sterbak, Maggie Taylor, and Bettina Zachow. The exhibition is open from February 4th until May 27th. Welcome!

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3 thoughts on “Die Zweite Haut at Museum Schloss Moyland opens this week

    1. Dear Donnalee, indeed a dramatic statue! This is not our work though, but the visual documentation of one Corinna Lenzen’s bodypainting works, which will be part of the exhibition too.

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