You did it! Success!

Thank you!! What a thrilling ride that was!! We are overjoyed and ecstatic to get cracking on the Eyes as Big as Plates Vol 2 and we are so grateful to have you all onboard for another round of this labour of love!

Eyes as Big as Plates postcards, prints, books, moss, and more will be coming to mailboxes all over the world thanks to all of you and the fabulous invention of Kickstarter!

Thank you for believing we could make it and we can’t wait to send you updates of the book’s progress. There is still four days to pre-order your copy or get your hands on one of the Eyes as Big as Plates prints, don’t be shy!

A big warm Nordic hug from both of us,

Karoline and Riitta

4 thoughts on “You did it! Success!

  1. Love, love what you are doing! I too work artistically with the interconnectedness of human and not human . . . but with digitally printed fabric, collage, embroidery and assemblage.

    So very inspiring!


    1. Dear Julie,
      Thank you so much for your lovely message and great to hear from a kindred spirit! High fives and warmest greetings from us both, Karoline and Riitta 🙂

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