Showtime on TEDMED / TED!

We are beyond excited to share our TEDMED talk! Thank you to the riotous audience & ninja preparation team for the invaluable expertise and making this a reality! These 12 minutes and 3 seconds from the TEDMED 2020 talk in Boston were picked up by the big-mama TED platform and crystallize the Eyes as Big as Plates journey, methods and goals. If all this isn’t tempting enough, this is a talk with real human people on stage and in the audience, even pine-needle Bob with his trademark beret from New York was sitting in the VIP section (even if you don’t see him, at least it explains why Riitta is looking down a fair bit during the talk). Enjoy! Should you need subtitles, view the video on the TED website.


As a salt in your popcorn, we are also proud to announce that the pre-sales for the new book are now open on our website! The book is on schedule to be finished next spring, good things come to those who wait. The shipping is free anywhere in the world, and as ever, there are no middlemen! Proceeds from your purchase go directly into supporting this project.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well and that these news bring power to your week!

Much love, R & K

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