Book news!

We are beyond excited to share that after much anticipation, the Eyes as Big as Plates 2 book will start rolling through printing machinery in Sweden on November 11th!

The binders, S. R. Büge in Germany will then receive the printed sheets and start working on binding each of the books together. They will then start journeying to storages for distribution around the world and also to the two of us, who will personally (and immediately!) send out all your pre-ordered and Kickstarter rewards books!

The publisher is estimating we will get our hands on these books in the very last days of November, but we are yet to say for certain how long it might take for the books to reach you after we pop them in the mail. (Thanks to all of you who have kept us updated on your addresses in the meanwhile)

We have all our lucky charms working on the wish that these books reach at least some of you in Europe in time for the holidays, feel free to add your powers in the cauldron too, to make that wish come true!

Until then, thank you again for supporting us and for your patience!

Warmest wishes from us both,

November here we come!

Karoline and Riitta.

Thank you to Dirk, our editor-in-chief at arnoldsche, who came all the way to Munich to meet us at our opening last weekend and snap this shot of us happily reuniting after nearly two years apart!

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