Wrapping up at the binders!

Eyes as Big as Plates 2 is now at the binders in Germany and we are organising the book’s next steps into storages and warehouses around the world. We are expecting to hold a copy in our hands sometime by January 2022 (no, we have not yet seen a copy with our own eyes, this is one mighty long incubation time!) As soon the books arrive from Germany to our tender care in New York and Norway, we will swiftly send them to all of you.

A glimmer of hope existed for a while there about sending some books out to those who pre-bought them in time for the holidays, but sadly that sparkle slipped away. We cannot wait to toast to these bound Eyes as Big as Plates journeys together with you in 2022! Maybe by then, or maybe sometime by 2025 some of these neverending-book-delay-stories might even seem entertaining…

Much warmth to your holidays and best wishes from us both,
Riitta & Karoline

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