Jumping into the weekend 41% funded!

One week into the campaign, 120 wonderful backers and 41% funded – what a way to say TGIF! We love you, you know we do, Kickstarter loves us too (we even received their badge of love earlier this week), so there’s plenty of love to go around!

As you are packing your weekender bags, we are there in spirit with some of our best schlepping moments. Schlepping, logging, hauling, we’ve all done it. Here is a good international take on schlepping for your Friday, featuring some seaweed, heather, gigantic pizza boxes, souvenirs, dogs and camera gear…

Sure, schlepping can be fun, but you know what’s fun and easier than schlepping? Pledging! It is such a nice and light activity, you really might just love it. And who knows, you could end up with a beautiful book as a thank you for all your hard clicking work!

All our best and hope you have a mighty fine weekend,
Riitta & Karoline


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