Book progress update!

Happy new year! We have major news for you: Books have arrived in Norway!

Karoline will start preparing the first copies to buyers whose shipping address is located anywhere else but in the USA at the end of next week! Unfortunately the ripples of the ongoing pandemic are felt deeply in our distribution system and the pallets of Eyes as Big as Plates books journeying from Europe to New York are in motion at an un-thrilling pace. We will let you know as soon as we know more, but for now we anticipate all US orders to be fulfilled in late February/ March – or as soon as the pallets reach Riitta’s doorstep in Rockaway Beach, NY.
If your book is to be sent anywhere but the US and your address has changed since you placed your order, would you kindly let us know of your new your shipping details by the end of Tuesday the 11th of January. We will then compile shipping lists midweek and prepare and send your books next week.
For all you lovely US peeps, please inform us of your address details with the February/March delivery in mind and do email us if you have any questions! We’d like to thank you for your extra patience by slipping a little bonus present in your book wrap when the time comes, look out for that.
Many of you have already contacted us about change of address over the past months and we thank you for keeping us up to date. We will of course cross reference with our records, but if you wouldn’t mind replying to this email if your address will change by March – we would be most grateful.
It is hard to express how epic this moment is for us – we can finally start sharing this book with you all!
Much love,
Riitta & Karoline
PS. The ‘pre-buy’ button here on the website will become a ‘buy’ button when our US book delivery arrives. As always, all profits from book sales through our website go directly back into making new Eyes as Big as Plates works. Thank you for directly supporting artists and your local bookshops!

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  1. This is the most GORGEOUS book cover, beautifully protecting the stories and photos. It is SO worth the wait! Thank you!!! 💕

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