New behind the scenes video by Preus Museum

Preus Museum commissioned two new works for the exhibition FROM NATURE, which opened a few weeks ago in Horten, Norway.  Tinna Ludviksdottir joined us and filmed the shoot process on location with philosopher and mastermind Arne Johan Vetlesen.

While we wait for the final portrait to be framed and ready to join the rest of the exhibition, we are happy share this true-to-spirit documentation of the Eyes as Big as Plates goofy tunes action (with an extreme chill collaborator). You can also see us navigating snow in a way that you probably think we have never encountered this bizarre cold white material before. Soufflé for your beautiful eyeballs, Nordic comedy duo in action:

We had interviewed Arne Johan earlier in November and for our shoot day, he chose to take us to Vestskauen, Sande. This is where he used to live and enjoy recharging his batteries by sitting and letting the surroundings do their thing. On the film are sounds and sights from this little corner of southeastern Norway from the 14 February 2023.

Thank you again to the whole Preus Museum team for all your enthusiasm, support and love!

© Conversation on location with the artists and Tinna Ludviksdottir/Preus Museum. Filming and editing by Tinna Ludviksdottir/ Preus Museum 2023.

One thought on “New behind the scenes video by Preus Museum

  1. In both of your books, what I relished were behind the scenes photographs and comments. Although your photos seem so lighthearted, you take immense care and effort in producing the image. Academically speaking, your artistic process is fascinating, and you’ve obviously pondered your work from many different angles. I’m a captivated audience. I like to hear the evolution from old Norse folk tales to present day thoughts. And it’s definitely the personal relationships that come through your production and the final product. Thank you, kiitos, tusen tak. (Autocorrect doesn’t like anything in that last sentence!)

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