EU Capital of Culture 2024 – St Konrad, Austria

Welcome to the most rainy area in Austria where have been swimming wildly for five days in sweet alpine air. Commissioned by the EU Capital of Culture 2024, Bad Ischl-Salzkammergut, 23 municipalities are joining forces in an inner-alpine rural area to form a European Capital of Culture region. Our days here in the village of St Konrad in Upper Austria have been filled with umbrellas, stripy pancake soup, rain gear, wild leeks, mud, major moustache magic, more rain gear, mad amounts of April snow and (unfulfilled) dreams of lederhosen.
Big thanks to all 1160 inhabitants of St Konrad for having us and special thanks to our collaborators Herbert, Hans, Verena and Bhasura. Extra bottle of zwetschke brandy to Anna for performing wonders as our 24/7 operations chef/ receptionist/ shoot assistant/ translator and the Mayor of St Kondrad for helping us push fallen trees off our off-piste snowy road trip up the mountains. The finished works will be exhibited here in St Konrad next year, stay tuned.

© Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

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