Eyes as Big as Plates wins gold in Norway’s annual book award show: Årets vakreste Bøker 2018!

Last night Grafill held its annual book award show, Årets vakreste Bøker in Oslo. The competition has been held since 1933 and is the only competition to honor the visual part of the book industry in Norway. In a wide range of categories a total of 47 books was awarded a prize, and Eyes as Big as Plates won gold for the best book cover!

Hooray and hats off to all the 16.000 little green leaves that devoted themselves to the task of making each and every book cover unique; eternal glory to our emergency help team of friends and family who came to our rescue when we had to start over and make all the handmade covers one more time when the first edition turned out to be the wrong size; warm thanks to Finnish tango music for keeping us afloat during the long days and nights of pressing and glueing leaves; and our most grateful bows to Press Publishing, Greger Ulf Nilson, Bokbinderiet Johnsen, JK Morris Production, Göteborgstryckeriet, and all the 555 Kickstarter supporters for believing in this mad-as-a-hatter book idea!

All the 55 winner books can be viewed and enjoyed in Grafill’s gallery space R21, the exhibition opens today and is on until May 20th, before they go on tour to selected cities across Norway. Welcome!

Image by Grafill and Årets Vakreste Bøker

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